What is Invisalign ?

Invisalign – A type of orthodontic remedy that uses transparent, custom-made trays to straighten enamel. These aligners are designed to be nearly invisible and are detachable for eating, brushing, and flossing. The Invisalign treatment process includes a chain of these clear trays, every barely adjusting the placement of the enamel till the favored alignment is achieved. It’s a popular and discreet alternative to conventional braces for people looking for orthodontic correction.

How do I get Invisalign?

Consultation: Schedule a session with an orthodontist or dentist educated in Invisalign. They will assess your teeth and discuss your dreams.
Examination: The company will behavior a radical examination, which may also consist of digital scans, X-rays, or impressions to create a 3-D model of your teeth.
Treatment Plan: Based on the examination, the company will create a custom designed remedy plan, outlining the expected length and results.
Review the Plan: You’ll have the possibility to review the remedy plan, inclusive of a virtual illustration of the way your enamel will circulate all through every degree.
Approval: Once you approve the remedy plan, the aligners will be custom-made for your teeth.
Receive Aligners: You’ll receive a chain of aligners, every to be worn for approximately two weeks earlier than progressing to the next set.
Follow-up Appointments: Periodic test with your provider are necessary to monitor progress and acquire extra aligners.
Maintain Oral Hygiene: Practice good oral hygiene via putting off aligners to consume, brush, and floss.
Complete Treatment: Wear the aligners consistently till the remedy is entire and your tooth have reached the favored alignment.

Duration of treatment 

The period of Invisalign remedy varies depending on individual factors including the complexity of the orthodontic troubles and the way properly the patient follows the prescribed treatment plan. On average, Invisalign treatment may take approximately 6 to 18 months for maximum cases. However, a few cases might also see outcomes in a shorter time, whilst extra complex cases can also require a longer treatment period.

It’s essential to comply with the orthodontist’s suggestions regarding wearing the aligners constantly and attending scheduled take a look at Invisalign Point for progress tests and to get hold of new units of aligners. The company will provide a more accurate estimate of the remedy period at some point of the initial session based to your specific desires and desires.

Why Choose Invisalign Braces at Invisalign Point ?

At Invisalign Point Orthodontics, pass worrying dental impressions with the iTero Element Flex. In beneath 3 minutes, this precise tool presents correct scans for clean development tracking. Only some Mumbai dentists, including certified orthodontist Akshay Doshi, own this time-saving era. Invisalign’s Clear Aligners and Invisible Braces, a top of present day orthodontics, are expertly supplied at this Mumbai exercise. For consultation with Dr. Akshay Doshi:  Call +91 93724 46612

Benefits of Invisalign

Cosmetic Appeal: Invisalign aligners are transparent and clearly invisible, presenting a discreet treatment choice.
Removability: Aligners can be effortlessly removed for ingesting, brushing, and flossing, taking into consideration better oral hygiene and removing dietary regulations.
Comfort: Custom-made for a unique fit, Invisalign aligners are clean and more snug than conventional braces, decreasing irritation.
Predictable Results: Advanced 3D imaging generation allows for precise treatment making plans, supplying a clear expectation of the very last results.
Shorter Appointments: Generally, Invisalign calls for fewer and shorter orthodontic appointments compared to traditional braces.
Versatility: Invisalign is powerful for a extensive range of orthodontic problems, from slight to moderate instances.
No Impact on Lifestyle: Invisalign aligners seamlessly integrate into day by day existence without the visibility and life-style changes associated with conventional braces.
Safety: With no wires or brackets, the threat of oral injuries and emergencies is reduced.
Improved Oral Hygiene: Removability facilitates smooth maintenance of oral hygiene in the course of the remedy.
Convenience: The convenience of removable aligners allows for a more flexible and snug orthodontic experience.

Invisalign for Teenagers

Invisalign for teens offers a discreet and bendy orthodontic solution. Clear aligners are customized for every youngster, bearing in mind simply invisible tooth straightening. With removable aligners, teenagers can experience everyday activities without dietary regulations. Invisalign Teen also includes features like compliance indicators and eruption tabs to deal with growing teeth. Dr. Akshay Doshi an Invisalign-certified professional, guarantees a tailored and effective treatment plan for confident smiles in the course of the teen years


Benefits of Invisalign for Teenagers 

Aesthetic Appeal: Invisalign Teen makes use of clean aligners, imparting a discreet and much less major choice for young adults.
Confidence Boost: The nearly invisible nature of Invisalign helps teens feel more assured in the course of the orthodontic manner.
Removability: Aligners can be effortlessly removed for special occasions, making it handy for social activities, college features, and pix.
Improved Oral Hygiene: Removability facilitates ordinary brushing and flossing, selling higher oral hygiene as compared to conventional braces.
No Dietary Restrictions: Teenagers can enjoy their favorite meals without restrictions at some point of Invisalign treatment.
Comfort: Invisalign aligners are custom-made for consolation, lowering the chance of inflammation regularly associated with braces.
Sports-Friendly: Invisalign is appropriate for active teenagers involved in sports activities, and they could hold using a protecting mouthguard.
Predictable Treatment: Advanced 3D imaging lets in for particular treatment making plans, making sure a clear roadmap at some stage in the technique.
Lifestyle Adaptability: Invisalign aligners match properly into the busy and dynamic lifestyles of youngsters.
Less Impact on School Activities: Invisalign generally entails fewer and shorter orthodontic appointments, minimizing disruptions to school activities.

Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign for adults gives a discreet and comfortable opportunity to standard braces. Custom clean aligners are nearly invisible, bearing in mind powerful enamel straightening without the appearance of steel braces. Removable aligners provide convenience for eating and oral care. Dr. Akshay Doshi an Invisalign-certified expert, tailors a customised treatment plan for adults, ensuring an assured and snug journey to a straighter smile.

Benefits of Invisalign for Adults 

Aesthetic Appeal: Invisalign gives clean aligners, offering a discreet and almost invisible orthodontic answer.
Comfort and Convenience: The aligners are custom-made for consolation and can be easily eliminated for ingesting, brushing, and unique activities.
Improved Oral Hygiene: Removability allows normal brushing and flossing, selling better oral health in comparison to traditional braces.
No Dietary Restrictions: Unlike braces, there are no regulations at the varieties of food you may revel in in the course of Invisalign treatment.
Predictable Treatment: Advanced 3-D imaging era enables precise treatment making plans, offering a clean roadmap for the duration of the technique.
Reduced Discomfort: Invisalign typically causes less soreness than traditional braces, as there aren’t any wires or brackets to purpose infection.
Shorter Appointments: Fewer and shorter orthodontic appointments are required as compared to traditional braces.
Versatility: Invisalign efficaciously treats an extensive variety of orthodontic problems, making it suitable for various person instances.
Professional Appearance: Adults frequently recognize the professional look of Invisalign, specifically in paintings or social settings.
Lifestyle Compatibility: Invisalign aligners healthy seamlessly into grownup life, taking into consideration discreet orthodontic treatment without foremost disruptions.

How does Invisalign treatment work?



Initial Assessment: Begin with an intensive exam of your dental condition and discussion of remedy dreams.
ITero Scan: Utilize the superior iTero scanner for a particular digital influence of your teeth, eliminating the want for traditional molds.
Instant Simulation: Employ modern-day technology to generate an on the spot simulation, imparting a visible preview of ability treatment results.
Day 1 Convenience: Streamline the assessment method with a combination of virtual scans and simulations on the primary day.


Highly-Customized Plan: The simulation is a personalized and surprisingly-customized plan tailored specifically for your orthodontic wishes.
Thorough Analysis: The plan is developed after a complete evaluation, considering your face and tooth pix, digital scans, and dental x-rays.
Custom-Made Plans: Dr. Akshay Doshi & team carefully crafts custom-made plans which might be first-class ideal to cope with your unique dental necessities.


Approximately 3 to four weeks after the ClinCheck® analysis, your customized Invisalign aligners may be equipped.
Flexible Distribution Options: Embrace offers flexibility by means of imparting the choice to acquire all aligners right away if frequent visits to our facilities are tough for you.
Convenience for Patients: This method ensures comfort for sufferers, permitting them to manipulate their orthodontic remedy in step with their schedules and choices.


Frequency of Appointments: The variety of observe-up appointments relies upon at the volume of required adjustments and the variety of Invisalign trays.
Recommended Schedule: Ideally, appointments every three months are cautioned for comprehensive tracking of your treatment progress.
Mandatory Review: If quarterly appointments aren’t viable, an obligatory review every 6-8 months is required.
Picture Updates: Regularly sending photos while sporting every three sets of aligners permits our orthodontists to look at the right remotely.


Invisalign Point’s Mission: At Invisalign Point, our task is found out inside the transformative second whilst individuals smile wider and their heart’s contentment sparkles in their eyes.
Collective Joy: We take pleasure in witnessing the collective joy as humans express their happiness thru smiles that radiate from their lips, eyes, and hearts.
Enduring Beauty: The enduring beauty of these moments maintains to deepen our passion and love for our paintings, even as we witness countless smiles.
Love for the Journey: Despite the frequency of those heartwarming moments, our love for what we do at Invisalign Point grows stronger with every smile, reinforcing our dedication to transformative orthodontic care.

Traditional Braces VS Aligners

FAQS Popular Questions

Invisalign is a logo of clear aligners, a kind of orthodontic treatment that uses a sequence of custom-made, transparent trays to regularly shift teeth into the preferred role. The aligners are nearly invisible, removable and are replaced approximately a week to ten days to development the teeth straightening technique. Invisalign is used to deal with diverse orthodontic problems, offering a discreet alternative to conventional braces.

Invisalign treatment is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate orthodontic troubles, together with crooked teeth, spacing problems and various other problems. It might not be appropriate for extreme cases and consultation with an orthodontist is suggested to determine eligibility.


Feel confident about Invisalign treatment due to its nearly invisible look, the convenience of detachable aligners for each day activities, improved consolation in comparison to conventional braces, predictable consequences through digital planning, and the customization of aligners to suit your particular dental structure. To solidify your confidence, discuss with a qualified orthodontist to make sure Invisalign aligns with your unique needs and dreams.


If you have had previous dental work or wore braces, Invisalign may also still be an alternative for you. Invisalign can be used for diverse orthodontic instances, along with those wherein preceding dental work has been finished. Your orthodontist will verify your scenario to determine if Invisalign is appropriate, deliberating elements together with the nature of the previous dental treatments and your contemporary orthodontic needs. Consult with an orthodontist to discover the pleasant treatment options for your particular case.

Invisalign treatment can enhance your life by way of presenting discreet orthodontic care with almost invisible aligners. The convenience of removable aligners allows for clean renovation of oral hygiene and the freedom to experience your preferred foods. Experience consolation during the treatment manner while benefiting from the predictability of particular teeth movement through virtual plans. Regular check ups with your orthodontist will ensure the treatment progresses as planned, contributing to an improved smile and typical nicely-being.

To take care of your aligners, rinse them frequently, clean with a soft toothbrush and mild cleaning soap, decrease staining food and drinks, keep excellent oral hygiene, keep them of their case when now not in use, and observe your orthodontist's put on and care hints. Regular test with your orthodontist will make sure effective treatment.

The fee of Invisalign treatment can indeed range considerably based totally on factors which includes the complexity of the case, the length of treatment, and the particular necessities. Consulting with the orthodontists lets in for a customized assessment and a better cost estimate tailor-made for your precise needs . They can offer designated statistics on the treatment plan and related costs based totally on your customized treatment. Consult with Dr. Akshay Doshi (Orthodontist & Invisalign Gold Provider) Call : +91 93724 46612 to clear all your doubts.



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